Woman-in-veil bails me out – journalist

Woman-in-veil bails me out – journalist
Woman in veil

When the cashier announced my bill for the prescribed vitamins I have ordered for my daughter, the amount I had in cash was not sufficient. My only option was to remove one of the drugs.

I hadn’t completed my response, that the cashier should remove one of the drugs, before a woman-in-veil who stood by my side presented a naira (Nigeria currency) note to me to offset the deficit.

I thanked her, told her not to bother, but she insisted.

“What is that, arákùnrin? Who can say that the present economic situation of our country does not affect him or her? We just have to learn to be our brothers’ keepers, she said.

I felt relieved, and collected the money from her. I paid the bill, and returned the balance to her.

The woman was surprised, and asked, “the balance for me”? I said yes ma.

The Samaritan woman in veil further explained that she stand to gain nothing if she has chosen to turn her face the other way and watch me go home without her “affordable” solution to my plight.

“Arákùnrin, go and take care of your daughter, may God continue to be with us all”, she prayed.

The Muslim woman offered to help me knowing well that I don’t belong to Islam; at least, I don’t have the most detectable two signs of being a Muslim on me.

Unfortunately, in view of the type of veil put on by the woman, she automatically belong to a class of women I would have regarded as fanatics.

It turned out that by the kindness she displayed at the pharmacy, she has classified herself as a devout Muslim who practiced the Islam as a religion of peace and love.

Nonetheless, it remains a fact that not all Muslims women in veil are kind, as well, not all nuns are reasonable, and that, not all adherents of Osun, Sango, Oya are peace-loving individuals.

But this particular woman-in-veil, who I met at one of the pharmacies in Abeokuta, Ogun State, has taught me a lifetime lesson that it is good to be kind, generous, peace-loving and be our brothers’ keepers; to be a model for others who may find it difficult to believe that God – our CREATOR – makes oxygen available for people of all religions.

We should always remind ourselves that Muslims, Christians, and Traditionalists are fellow human beings. And that we remain ONE before the Almighty God, Olodumare and Allah.

Her utmost motive was to bail me out, after all!