When “It is Well” portrays wickedness

When “It is Well” portrays wickedness

An illustration by a Nigerian who depicts a special breed has described the popular brotherhood language among Christians in Nigeria as Satanic and deadly.

The author who would not identified him/herself clearly condemned the use of the seemingly consoling and upbuilding words “It’s Well” only, adding that such words without an action of humanity is as multiplying the plights of person’s in dire need of help.

The illustration explicitly admonished everyone be it Christian, Muslim, Traditional adherent, or Atheist to imbibe the attitude of hospitality; giving, uplift or rescuing fellow humans in need.

It was said that one Mr John arrived Sunday School behind schedule unusually.

One of the Pastor noticed and enquired from Mr John why he had came late to the Service even without his wife and children.

Mr John response was “it’s well”.

Probing him, the Pastor wanted to know more, why exactly.

“No, brother John, don’t tell me it’s well when it’s not well, what happened? Why were you late to church and your family didn’t even come?

“OK Pastor, I have serious financial challenges, we didn’t even eat throughout yesterday cos there’s nothing at home.

“I left house around 7am trekking to church, I trekked for 2hrs to arrive here around 9am after the Sunday school.

“After explaining in tears, elder John held his shoulder and says, it’s well like you said my brother, the Lord will surely provide”.

The Pastor continues his sermon, “there are too many others who once passed through same thing, their situation has changed now, this government of our county is very hard my brother”.

It was alleged that the Pastor “walks away”, meanwhile, “he has not less than N5000 naira in his pocket.

“At home, they have one bag of rice they just opened and over 45 tubers of yam.

“They have beverages and they have money saved in the bank.

“Bro John trekked back home, sweating and hungry to meet his hungry wife and kids”.

Even, if the Pastor was not half-rich as described, he could have contacted members of the Church who knows, there could be at least, a “shareful giver”, worst still, the Church Chest could serve as deliverer at that critical moment.

“Brethren, the last time I checked, ‘it’s well’ is not an ingredients for cooking soup.

“‘The Lord will provide’ can’t afford one with a De Rica of rice and can not refill gas cylinder at home.

“Yet, we call ourselves the image of God.

“We forgot that God who we claim to be his image is love and love is giving.

“What will it take you to share what you have with your brethren?

“Some of you have kids in schools that pay fees in dollars yet the man sitting close to you in church can’t even send his kids to a local school in town.

“If only the early church in acts of the apostles will be given the opportunity to watch us for five minutes, they will weep because this is no more the foundation they laid.

“Our love for money have over shadowed our love for our fellow human.

“It seems the part of the Bible which says if you can’t love your brother you see, how can you love God you can’t see has been deleted from our bibles.

“Oh that our hearts will be revived to love and show love again.

“The death in church today would have reduced.

If only we can be like Jesus and stop deceiving ourselves.

“If only we can show mercy.

“If only we can show love today and not tell love.

“God is love and love is giving.

“Let us reduce depression.

‘Let us rescue each other.

“Let us reduce the death of our brethren especially youths who finds it difficult to cope.

“Don’t ever go to sleep without checking on family and friends, feed somebody today, help someone today, be like Christ, be a real Christian.

“God bless you is an act of love, show it in action not with your lips.

“Youths no matter what happens SUICIDE IS NOT AN OPTION. Talk to someone today.

“When you see them over excited for nothing, depressed or he or she start keeping to him or herself pls don’t walk away, he or she has lost it.

“By this shall all [men] know that you are My disciples, if you love one another [if you keep on showing love among yourselves]. John 13:35 (AMP)”, the illustration concluded.