The Senator Yayi’s Change in Democratic Dividends Delivery

The Senator Yayi’s Change in Democratic Dividends Delivery

There is no doubt that in less than a year into the four year term given to Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Yayi as Senator representing Ogun West in the 10th Senate, he has been able to bring down to his constituents enough democratic dividends, developmental projects and life changing skill empowerment programmes backed by equipment that dwarfed what the people of Ogun West and beyond have witnessed in one or two terms of representatives before him.

Before this Yayi’s difference, what the electorate were used to was the delaying of performance, the holding of democratic dividends by people voted into offices as representatives in government till when the next general elections are near.

The electorate were used to political office holders who would do execute projects half way promising to finish them only if returned into office.

The old game included the arrogant neglect of part(s) of constituencies for reasons like not getting enough votes their during elections.

Democratic dividends are supposed to be the gains of the electorate, a return on their electoral investment which the voting in of candidates of their choice in elections and the thumb printing of political parties logos on the ballot papers are.

Democratic dividends as facilitated by political office holders are supposed to be succours, amelioration of lacks and amenities to give rise to growth and activate sustainable development scaling up better living conditions in the society.

Reducing them to tools for winning elections which is the cause of delaying them till elections period is not only retrogressive, it is wicked.

Facilitation of developmental projects and influencing human capital growth like Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Yayi is doing as representative of the good people of Ogun West in the Senate should start almost immediately a political office holder is sworn into office.

The electorate voted for immediate delivery on mandates given to political office holders. The needs of the electorate cannot wait.

Delivery of democratic dividends shouild flow from the government through the political representatives to the constituents throughout a political term of office.

Gains of elections should not wait till elections eves and should not be reduced to political baits in the hands of political office holders to hook the voters into voting them by force.

Ogun West is lucky, the Yayi’s difference is in full swing. They voted into office a man committed to the building up of his constituency and the growing up of his people.

Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Yayi’s is a true democrat a worthy representative and a change agent extraordinary whose primary concern is to use political office and the power it confers towards achieving the primary end of politics which is to improve life.

There is no doubt he is transforming lives in Ogun West in thousands. It is vivid.

Certainly, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Yayi has become a new yardstick of measuring performance. He will be a reference point in any case of political representatives delaying democratic dividends till the eve of another election.

He will be a benchmark against politicians that execute projects half way promising to complete them after winning election in which they are candidates.

Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Yayi will be a standard of comparison against office holders and would be office holders that are planning not to be even with democratic dividends for whatever reason(s).

The Senator representing Ogun West is not only performing, he is not holding anything back. He is not only facilitating developmental projects, he is ensuring the spread of the projects is even across the cardinal points of his constituency.

Senator Adeola is not stopping facilitated projects half way to use them as bait for winning another election, he is ensuring the completion of projects as fast as possible.

Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Yayi is not veiling up completed projects from the use of his constituents till after any official commissioning, he is allowing access and usage of the completed projects immediately after completion of engineering works.

Critical connectivity infrastructure like roads, educational infrastructure like standard and well built blocks of classrooms complete with libraries, standard clinics, modern markets complete with water supply facilities, solar street lights for night time illumination, large sitting capacity town Halls and more, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Yayi has them evenly spread across the senatorial district he is representing.

In the area of human capital development, over a thousand indigent students of Ogun West are already enjoying scholarship and bursary as Yayi Scholars. Thousands of youths and artisans, market men and women have been skilled up with trainings, empowered with equipment braced with support funds for business growth.

He has also distributed textbooks, notebooks and school bags to pupils of primary and secondary schools evenly across Ogun West ensuring they were distributed directly to the beneficiaries.

No doubt, there is a difference, the Yayi’s difference.