Reverend Fola Achudume: A dynamic woman of God @54

Reverend Fola Achudume: A dynamic woman of God @54
Reverend Fola Achudume @54

IN LIFE, there are women destined to lead other women to their rightful places. These women are most times called guardian angels or heaven-sent. One of such great women is Reverend Fola Achudume, RFA for short.

Reverend Fola Achudume, born September 6th, 1968, is a dynamic woman of God with a passion to see women from all works of life prosper as daughters, wives, mothers and businesswomen.

She believes that a woman’s background should not be a criterion for her back to be relegated to the ground.

Reverend Fola Achudume, through her passion for all things that concern the female folk, founded the Royal Ladies International –an inter-denominational group that encourages women to be more than what society has pegged them to be. The group has grown over the years with testimonies from all over the world.

Reverend Fola Achudume @54

Another pet project of Reverend Fola Achudume is the Save Her Initiative, which caters for teenage girls that have been tagged outcasts. This Initiative focus on rehabilitating and assimilating the survivors of all forms of abuse into society.

She is convinced that there is a better tomorrow for every girl-child irrespective of her past.

Reverend Fola Achudume is also a woman loaded with the word of God. She is often referred to as ‘LOADED MAMA’ by those close to her. She does not hold back at every given opportunity to pour out the depth of her knowledge of the word of God.

She has graced great platforms all over the world preaching the gospel and touching lives. Her weekly Let’s Pray on Mixlr is evidence of her passion for a flourishing home and life.

Reverend Fola Achudume is a beautiful woman just like a rainbow. She is like a fine wine that gets better as it ages. Just like the Bible says the path of the righteous shines brighter and brighter, she shines better and brighter as she gets older.

She is a great daughter to her parents. A perfect wife to Apostle Lawrence Achudume and a mother who moderates the lives of her successful children, Tobi, Feyi, David and Daren Achudume.

Happy 54th birthday, RFA. Cheers to a new year and greater things to come Reverend Fola Achudume (RFA).