Revamp Technical Colleges now – UNILAG Ex VC Prof Bello, FPI Governing Council Chairman Dr Ogbuagu charge FG

Revamp Technical Colleges now – UNILAG Ex VC Prof Bello, FPI Governing Council Chairman Dr Ogbuagu charge FG

The former Vice Chancellor of University of Lagos, Prof Rahamon Bello and the Governing Council Chairman of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Dr (Mrs) Veronica Ogbuagu have called on the Federal Government to revamp Technical Colleges and its intended value.

Speaking at the 20th Convocation Lecture held at the Raheem Oloyo International Conference Centre of the Polytechnic, Professor Bello explained that prioritizing efficient technical education system will no doubt redeem the indolence industrialization of Nigeria stat

Professor Rahamon Bello in his lecture had noted that students monitored by trained Guidance Counselors would surely turn out to become itech savvy if taught using technologically-based curricular by holders of Bachelor of Technology, Master of Technology or Ph.D in Technology instead of University produced degree holders.

In essence, the Guest Lecturer, in a way, was not in support of upgrading of Polytechnic to University, rather, the Professor of Chemical Engineering would say that it’s beneficial for Nigerians if Nigeria Polytechnic can be empowered to award Bachelor and Master of Technology respectively, even Ph.D.

“The National Universities Commission (NUC) should be enabled to approve undergraduate and postgraduate (system) for our Polytechnic with appropriate facilities and resources for these as opposed to outright conversion of the Polytechnic into Universities”, Professor Bello submitted.

The lecturer also emphasized the starting point to resurrect the dead technical education.

“First, there are supposed to be adequate practical facilities for Science, Technology and Creative Arts courses in the JSS to enable adequate interests to be developed. These are absent in majority of the schools (public and private) and theses result in using alternatives to practical. The first attempt in schooling to make use of their hands are absent.

“Second, there are supposed to be appropriate counseling for the students such that they could be streamlined properly into areas of comparative advantages for their future education. We also fail in this respect. How many schools have requisite Councillors to take these? All JSS graduates herded into SSS irrespective of their untapped abilities and some end up being wasted”.

Proferring recommendations on the way to make Nigeria Polytechnic Education competitive, Professor Bello stated that emerging technologies should be taken into cognizance.

“In line with the emerging trends, the inclusion of elements of the emerging technologies in curricular should be adopted. For example, IOT and IT interface should be known to all even in introductory phase to enable them be familiar with the trends in technology and adaptability to their needs.

“Similarly, robotics should be a component of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering programs at all levels. Also advanced IOT concepts should be basic for Electrical and Electronics Engineering and similar programs”.

Corroborating, the FPI Governing Council Chairman, Dr Veronica Ogbuagu submitted that prioritizing efficient technical education system will no doubt redeem the indolence industrialization of Nigeria state.

Dr Ogbuagu explained that employing sound Guidance Counselors to monitor pupils through to secondary school will in no time efficiently exposed students who are passionate about technical education such that, willfully and passionately, such students will opt for Polytechnic education, and the end point will no doubt bring about the desired industrial nation of Nigeria, replica of.developed nations.

“At the age of Junior Secondary School, the job of a guidance counselor should be restored. Nigeria has lost the importance of a sound and much prepared guidance counselor from good university who sees through, who follow through, both emotional, physical, academic and vocational. Guidance Counselor should be employed to monitor even primary school pupils.

“After JS3, the Guidance Counselor supposed to administer test to find out the interest, the aptitude and the skill of every child. That’s when we can know a child that is technically inclined or a child that has emotion for teaching. Even a child that likes Agriculture.

“And we will start to streamline them; some that are academically sound that want to go to SSS and to the University.

The NBTE should fight to see that Polytechnics set their exams like JAMB and select the best of them. This is a challenge to Unions.

“We need to make adverts, we need to let parents know, the public know, let the community know the importance of Technical education and Polytechnic. Without this, we won’t go anywhere”.

The Delta State former Commissioner for Education also underscored the unrivaled importance of using professional educationalists to head every available leadership position in the Ministry of Education, adding that no amount of brilliance of specialists in other field can compensate for trained educationists.

“Have you seen Professor appointed as CMD of any medical institutions or to mount leadership position of legal profession?

“It’s only in the education sector that you see a lawyer serving as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education in Nigeria, too bad”.