Protest rocks Obaagun community over appointment of new Eesa

Protest rocks Obaagun community over appointment of new Eesa
Aggrieved residents
Aggrieved residents

Members of the Eesa Momoje compound in Obaagun have protested against the appointment of Dauda Ajadosu as the new Eesa of the town by the Olobaagun of Obaagun, Oba Okunade Adebisi Kayode 11.

The Olobaagun of Obaagun had last week appointed Ajadosu, who was alleged to have hailed from a different compound as the Eesa of the town.

The Eesa who is the second in command to the Olobaagun of Obaagun is also said to be the head of the kingmakers in the town.

Members of the Eesa’s compound joined by other residents of the town had protested the appointment of Ajadosu and called on the traditional ruler to reverse his action based on a pending suit already instituted by the Eesa Momoje family at the Osun State High Court sitting in Ikirun.

The Eesa Momoje family was said to have instituted the suit when it became obvious that the Olobaagun was planning to appoint a new Eesa from a separate compound other than the one entitled to the title.

But, Oba Okunade was said to have in the wee hours of the day appointed Ajadosu and performed traditional rites for him without informing members of the Eesa’s compound who are the custodians of the Eesa’s Chieftaincy title.

It was gathered that the Olobaagun of Obaagun had earlier informed the Eesa Momoje compound to present a candidate for the position of Eesa following the demise of the late Eesa, Chief Amos Olawuyi who was buried last Friday.

However, the monarch allegedly reversed his action and appointed a non member of the Eesa Momoje compound as the Eesa of the town without recourse to traditions guiding the Chieftaincy title.

The protesters who marched round major streets in the town condemned the appointment of Ajadosu on the ground that he’s not entitled to the Chieftaincy title as he does not hail from the Eesa Momoje compound, which is the original custodian of Eesa’s Chieftaincy title in Obaagun.

Also, the protesters who sang various solidarity songs while the protest lasted berated the appointment of an Eesa in the wee hours of the day, just as they called on the traditional ruler of the town to reverse his action and follows due process in the selection, appointment and installation of a new Eesa of Obaagun.

They also promised to remain calm and law abiding and allow the law to take its course in the matter which is currently before the state High Court sitting in Ikirun.