Insecurity: Allow us to bear arms for, Yoruba group tells FG

Insecurity: Allow us to bear arms for, Yoruba group tells FG

A Yoruba group, Youruba Afenifere Youth Organisation of Nigeria (YAYON), Ogun state chapter has appealed to the Federal government to allow people in the Southwest region bear arms for self defense against incessant kidnappings and killings in the region.

The Coordinator of the group, Comrade Sodeinde Daniel in a Press conference in Abeokuta, the state capital noted that the criminal elements amongst the Fulani have moved their operation from the north to the Southwest, hence, the need to allow individuals in the southwest bear arms.

The group also appealed to all governors of the southwest states to as a matter of urgency come up with efficient security measures and strengthen the existing security local outfits against the menace of kidnappings and terrorism in the region.

Sodeinde warned that the southwest may turned into a war zone if the governors and other stakeholders hesitate to take proactive steps to combat insecurity.

Pointing the Ondo Catholic church attack, recent kidnapping in Wasimi area of Ogun state and the killing of a Yoruba youths by Fulani riders in Lagos, Sodeinde called for formulation policies that will regulate the activities of the Fulanis in the Yoruba-speaking states, especially the criminal element amongst them.

“The incessant kidnappings and attack by the Fulani herdsmen in our land has reached its peak.

“In this situation, we cannot continue to look and fold our arms while the situation persist.

“We call on all the southwest States governor to rise in defence of our land. In order not to turn this region to a warzone, we are calling all the governors and stakeholders to stand up and defend our people, our land and our properties.

We are also calling on the Obas, especially the Oni of Ife, the Are Ona Kankanfo to speak out as a voice to find a lasting solution to the insecurity in Yorubaland.

We are calling for policies that will regulate the activities of the Fulanis, especially the criminal element amongst them.

“We want to support the new policy of the Zanfara state government that all it’s citizens must be armed.

“We want to tell all the governors in the Southwest to order the commissioner of police in their various state to start giving arm to Yoruba people for self defense. we cannot continue to fold our arms and see our people being killed on daily basis.

“We are also calling for the cooperation of the Fulani communities in the Southwest to fish our the criminal elements amongst them.

“We are ready as a group to cooperate with government and security forces to give out necessary information and supports whenever we are called upon.

“We want all our governors to empower the Amotekun for better performance. We want the government to have meeting with the OPC, Agbekoya and the Hunters in order to secure our community better.

The group advised governors of the southwest states to engage community leaders through the CDA and PCRC to identify attack prone areas in various community for security reasons.