I was told to appreciate the Governor for unfree, unfair primaries – Senatorial Aspirant, Princess ‘Torera Majekodunmi-Oniru

I was told to appreciate the Governor for unfree, unfair primaries – Senatorial Aspirant, Princess ‘Torera Majekodunmi-Oniru

Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru, an energetic and cerebral aspirant who had plans to take over the Ogun Central Senatorial Seat from incumbent Ibikunle Amosun by 2023, narrated to pressmen the outcome of the election and what’s next.

The young mother-of-two with 20 years of global multi-industry and political work experience, ran for the position in a manner that Nigerians were proud of. Her Senatorial vision and policies manifesto was results-driven and openly detailed on her Senatorial website, Olatorera.com.

Olatorera carried the public along on her consultations and engagements across the 74 wards of the 6 Local Government Areas of Ogun Central.

The Princess as fondly called submitted all certificates and forms to the APC National Secretariat and was successfully screened and cleared to contest in the primaries election.

She was one of the most visible Senate aspirants under the APC party. She pledged to be a strong voice for the majority of Nigerian citizens in enacting progressive laws, alleviating poverty, and ensuring a fairer standard of living.

The Majekodunmi’s daughter also pledged to be a resolute advocate for Justice, Humanistic Leadership, Africa’s Unity, and Africa’s Continental Free Trade.

The APC Ogun Central Senatorial Primaries were set for Saturday, May 28th, 2022. When asked how the Primaries went, Majekodunmi-Oniru  couldn’t hide anything.

I was not raised to lie, steal or deceive. I was not raised to extort. I was not raised to be wicked and corrupt. I was raised to be a leader. An honest, progressive, hardworking, smart, humble, and humanistic leader.

“A leader who won’t eat if my people haven’t eaten. A leader who would support and advocate only the best, most capable candidates. A leader for all. I don’t have a godfather. I ran an ethical campaign. Thus I can and will be honest.

“I want to start by thanking all my supporters. I want to thank every Nigerian. Many, many, many people reached out to me and our Ọ.M.Ọ for Senate support groups.

“Many supported us publicly and privately. I’m thanking everyone so much for the encouraging support. I will never stop pushing my dreams for Greater Nigeria. I will mobilize even greater, unstoppable support starting now towards 2027.

“On the morning of the Ogun Central APC Senatorial Primaries, it was obvious to all that I had won the heart of the district as hundreds of party members and leaders trooped into my home.

“Many slept over the night before, refusing to leave my side, I was the candidate most prepared to represent them in the Senate. The mood was progressive excitement. I received a call at 7 am from a few party leaders who said they had one worry which was that the governor had called a meeting with all Ogun Central Party Leaders for 9 am.

“I started receiving more calls around 11 am towards the conclusion of the meeting; many said they had been instructed by the governor to vote for his chief of staff and that there would be no elections but a consensus.

“Many felt bad knowing how heavily passionate and hardworking I had been in my run to represent the district.”

“To cut a long story short, without any election results, the state party chairman said to me “take heart”.

“And random results were read in mid-afternoon at the Centennial Hall, Ake, Abeokuta: chief of staff Salisu 301 votes. Princess Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru 2 votes and Senator Obadara 2 votes. I was later informed that the 2 votes tie with Obadara was an intentional attempt to pre-complicate any appeal process that may emerge.

“In closing, I’m told I should appreciate the governor for an unfree and unfair primaries and make him feel good to get an appointment.

“I have no iota of fakeness in my veins. What I’m being told to do is the backbone of Nigeria’s problems.

“We cajole, hail, and fail to criticize those who do abominable acts simply because they are titleholders in Government.

“Titleholders are servants to the people and not Lords. Until we change our mindset and actions towards governance, we remain regressed.

I would become a bad leader if I start doing things the unethical, status-quo way and that may subtract God’s blessing for me.

“I’m not in politics for personal enrichment. I want to bring about mass enrichment that would benefit every citizen.

“I offered that they take all my salary and simply let me work for the Greater progress of our people as I know the magnitude of financial growth the country can witness once we have the right leaders serving.

“I won’t dance and praise any unethical man or woman misusing public wealth or power. If we can’t achieve Greater Nigeria today, we will achieve it someday.

“My biggest lesson in winning the APC Ogun Central Senatorial Primaries but not getting the ticket is this; Nigeria has a long way to go in converting our governance structure into one of progressive, ethical, and humanistic Leadership.

“We can attain some progress by 2023 if we urgently establish a suitability report for every aspirant from the Presidential level to Local Executives.

.”How well do our aspirants score in terms of previous achievements, health, humanistic leadership capabilities, ethics, educational strength, and global standing? This is evaluated not by what they say but through a thorough background check.

“In my suitability report, many of our political aspirants today are unqualified to lead. I pray the masses to learn, follow and support the very few genuine and capable aspirants. I’m not an activist,

I’m in no way anti-government or anti anybody. I love every Nigerian including our current Governor.

“I am simply anti regression, anti stagnation, anti-slavery, anti suffering, anti-poverty, and anti third world Nigeria. I am wholeheartedly for Nigeria’s progress and development.

“All I want, all I will ever want, all I am working for, is Greater Nigeria. Nigerians deserve better. God bless Nigeria”, Princess Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru stated