Gateway Coalition for Peter Obi (GCPO) accuses LP Publicity Secretary, Arabambi, of working for APC

Gateway Coalition for Peter Obi (GCPO) accuses LP Publicity Secretary, Arabambi, of working for APC

The Legal Adviser of Gateway Coalition for Peter Obi (GCPO), Barrister Oluwafemi Ibiayo has accused the National Publicity Secretary of Labour Party, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi of working for the ruling party in Ogun State.

Speaking on a radio program in Abeokuta, where Comrade Arabambi was also a guest, Barr. Ibiayo challenged Arabambi to provide answers to various questions and allegations leveled against him by some members of the Party.

According to Barr. Ibiayo, Comrade Arabambi is believed to have been behind the INEC’s omission of the names of the Gubernatorial Candidate and those of House of Assembly in the State despite the primary election that was conducted by the Party and monitored by INEC.

He alleged that Comrade Arabambi purposely did so in order not to give them the chance of contesting against the sitting Governor in Ogun State.

Before now, Comrade Arabambi has tagged the fault to INEC but INEC has made the case known to the public that Ogun Labour Party never sponsored any candidate for those positions that were omitted.

When challenged further on the program to provide the suit details which he claimed to have filed at an High Court in Abuja so as to have a conviction on what Arabambi is charging INEC for, Comrade Arabambi failed to provide the details which further increased doubts that some positive steps are being taken to redress the situation.

Earlier in October, Comrade Arabambi had also ordered all the Party Executives and Candidates to pull out from the Party’s State online platform of active members, which in itself is an anti-party activity. This action raised alarm in the minds of the loyalist wondering how the image maker of a party that is ready to win an election would give such an order.

Over the time, several dates have been mentioned by Comrade Arabambi to be the release dates of the candidates list by INEC but none has manifested.

Some of the Candidates said they are frustrated by Arabambi’s cunning strategies and deceit, yet he has never called for a meeting to explain the situation of the case to them.

Labour Party within the State is currently in disarray as many campaign activities have been put on hold.

Comrade Arabambi in his parting words on the radio program, promised that the names will be published by INEC on or before 24th of November, 2022. He maintained that, he is working hard to ensure that the names of all Labour Party Candidates including the Gubernatorial Candidate Kehinde Sogunle will be on the ballot.

On his part, Barrister Oluwafemi Ibiayo appealed to the national body to look into issues with Ogun State Labor Party, summon Arabambi for his anti-party activities and ensure the Gubernatorial Candidate, Comrade Kehinde Sogunle and other Candidates’ mandates are not stolen as this is a mechanism for grassroot mobilisation for Peter Obi.