FPI Students Union Election: Poor turn out of students raises deep concern

FPI Students Union Election: Poor turn out of students raises deep concern



“Everything rises and falls on leadership,” says Dr Maxwell,” but having good qualities but not knowing how to lead is only half the battle. Nigeria is at a time we all need not only to think outside the box but without the box itself.

It behoves me as an Alumni and a former Welfare Director of this Great Citadel of learning to express and delineate my worries and reservations over the just concluded Student Union Election.

Election results

Unarguably, the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, had known for years as a bedrock of the Nation’s Political actors and decision-makers like Hon Akinlade Abiodun Isiaq, Hon. Kolawole Lawal MobOlorunduro-KLM, to mention but few yet the pace of the leading role in the political emancipation of the country among the Students have reduced drastically in the recent years.

The rate at which the students of this pioneer Institution play political apathy mostly in the Student’s Union Election is alarming and worrisome.

The Management must do every possible means to reawaken the political consciousness of the students and enlarge their coast of participation during the election periods on campus.

The system of exclusionary democracy and restrictive model of Voting should be reviewed and adjusted to the favour of every student.

I am deeply concerned about the mind-blogging injunctions like financial eligibility of the students as the yardstick for them to exercise their Voting right is outrageously inimical to their active participation in the decision making.

Inevitably, it will cause a downward slope on the numbers of the students that will eventually participate which will not give the elected officials deserving popularity and acceptability among their fellow students.

The call for a considerably downward review of the Voting eligibility during the Students Union elections which allows only the financial members among the students to vote is thus apt and should be urgently deliberated.

In furtherance, an Institution like Ours should take a bold step in reviving, reforming and repositioning the shape and styles of Student Unionism on campus by creating an enabling environment that will see the generality of the students as the active stakeholders and decision-makers.

More so, the management should deem it fit to reinforce the financial capacity of the Union by giving out adequate funds for the effective running of the Union and this will also allow the elected personnel’s to discharge their duties accordingly and astutely.

Lastly, the management being a Mother to the Student’s body must continue to strengthen her monitoring roles on the Students union activities.

This could be realistic in the area of setting up panels that would be saddled with the tasks of ensuring that all the student leaders are financially accountable and transparent in their dealings.

The walls of the institutions should be seen beyond academic activities only, a political system that has become a global concept must be well articulated and given thorough attention.

Nigeria is already in perpetual need of good leadership and it is an incontrovertible fact that good and purposeful political leadership is the sine qua non for development in any country.

So, no country in our today’s world can rise above the dreams and leadership ability of its national leaders. That’s the chief reason Nigeria is stuck in the mud of underdevelopment.

On this note, every institution must play a crucial role to raise another generation of decision-makers that will reform this country of ours.


Comrade Asiwaju Abdulgafar Ajibowu a.k.a Oxygen.