FPI matriculates 7,970, as Rector charges his last Borns to target  greatness

FPI matriculates 7,970, as Rector charges his last Borns to target  greatness

Architect (Dr) Olanrewaju Olusegun Aluko, the Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, has disclosed that 7,920 students have been officially enrolled into varied schools of the institution for 2021/2011 academic session.

Architect Aluko ,while addressing the “Freshers”, enumerated that of the 5,844 candidates that sought admission through JAMB for National Diploma (ND) Full-Time, only 3,007 students were offered admission and 2,580 accepted the offer.

The Rector furthered that of the 3,688 students that applied for Part-Time, 3,659 was offered admission, and 2,862 accepted.

“Likewise, a total number of 3,098 applications were received for HND, out of which 2,688 applicants were offered admission while 2,528 accepted the offer.

“In summary all of you represent about 63% of the total applicants in all programmes.

So, I want to advise that you should reciprocate this gesture by showing greater commitments to that purpose for which you were admitted.

“This ceremony marks the official enrolment of new students into the various schools and conclusion of admission process in the Polytechnic. It also kick starts your academic sojourn in this noble institution of higher learning.

“This is a life transforming occasion capable of giving your lives a positive meaning in order to widen your academic and moral horizon and open great doors of opportunities for those of you who have, as a matter of conscious consultation, chosen to study in the best Polytechnic in Nigeria.

“You are indeed highly privileged to be one of the few lucky candidates considered for admission out of thousands who applied for admission into the institution which has broken and created records when it comes to academic and moral standards.

“It will not be out of place to let you understand that for the 2021/2022 admission exercise, about 5844 candidates sought admission into this citadel of higher learning through JAMB for National Diploma (ND) Full-Time out of which only 3007 students were offered admission and 2580 accepted the offer. For Part-Time, 3688 applied, 3659 offered and 2862 accepted.

“It is expedient for you to understand that at The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, we have a culture of excellence and birthing landmark innovations.

“We are also effective and efficient in service delivery through the cooperation of both teaching and non-teaching staff of the Institution”, Aluko noted.

OUR UNIQUENESS(a) SKILL ACQUISITION: Polytechnic Education is unique from all other forms of tertiary education because it places more emphasis on skill acquisition, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Federal Polytechnic, llaro has, for long, keyed into the Federal Government’s drive and passion to eradicating poverty and unemployment.

We operate a virile and resourceful Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC), where students acquire skills in small business management in various trades, such as bottled water production, beads and wire works, venue decoration, cell phone repairs, shoe making, fashion designing, barbing and hair dressing, soap making, block molding and interlocking stones, websites design, computer repairs, aluminum works, catering services, bag making etc.

It is compulsory for every student to pass through this centre. You are therefore strongly advised to choose one of the vocational skills that are available. At the end of which a certificate is earned.

We have heard so many encouraging and heartwarming reports from our former students who are self-employed and are doing so well, locally and internationally, by virtue of the skills acquired at the Entrepreneurship Development Centre.

Most elating is the fact that the Polytechnic can boast of being the first and only Polytechnic in Nigeria to have a Driving School, certified and approved by the Federal Road Safety Corps and the Vehicle Inspectorate Office.

This is to enable those of you whose courses demand they are proficient in driving to especially those in Marketing and Mechanical Engineering Departments, who, by virtue of their disciplines are expected to know how to drive!

In attempt to catch up with trending skills, the Polytechnic have established Robotic and Drone Academy.

In this academy, we train students in the area of artificial intelligence, coding robotic, and operation of unmanned ariel vehicles, (called drones) application of these skills are useful in the wider areas of agriculture, security, surveillance mechanisms.

These skills are not supposed to and should not be used for fraudulent activities, rather they are to be used in developing your capabilities so as to bring out the innovative abilities in you.

(B) Guidance and Counseling Unit: The Guidance and Counseling unit of the Polytechnic is as old as the institution. It was established to assist individual students in the institution to understand, accept and utilize their potentials, abilities, attitudes and interests to enhance their prospects of life.

The unit was set up to prevent our students from losing confidence in themselves and their abilities, getting tensed, introverted and emotionally disturbed, especially these days when the youths see SUICIDE as an Option, but to which we are saying NO to SUICIDE Thus SUICIDE is not; should not and must never be an option, no matter what!

(C) Student Handbook: The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro is known nationwide as an institution that encourages discipline as a virtue among students and members of staff.

As a result of this, students are guided by the various rules and regulations outlined in the Student Handbook, which have been provided for all new students.

You should therefore endeavour to study these rules and regulations and get used to them, as ignorance of any rule or law is not an excuse for any misdemeanor or vices that are not in line with the rules and regulation of this institution.

(D) Discipline: The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro is known for its culture of excellence and discipline; we therefore have zero tolerance for any act of indiscipline.

According to the rules and regulations of our institution, the following are some of the acts of indiscipline we frown at seriously:

• Littering of the campus

• Walking on the lawns

• Writing graffiti on walk ways and defacing the walls and indiscriminate posting of


• Improper care for the Polytechnic’s properties

• Cheating during examinations

• Stealing, drug abuse, sexual immorality and disobeying lawful instructions,

• Cultism, skating and other outlandish behaviours.

• Of utmost is indecent dressing such as sagging, revealing clothes, coloured hair,

body hugs, face cap, or T-shirt with wield inscriptions etc

• Driving any of the institutions vehicles without permission.

All the vices listed above and those that are not listed, but are in that group are regarded as gross indiscipline and are viewed with all seriousness.

You are enjoined to avoid external influences towards making and taking rash decisions. You are to note that there are, usually, consequences for such actions which are not in tandem with the culture of the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro which is known, worldwide for academic and moral discipline.

Please note that INDISCIPLINE IS NOT IN OUR CHARACTER as an institution.

(E) Grievance Procedure: The Management of this institution advocates consultation and dialogue as veritable tools for peaceful co­existence among staff and staff, students and staff and students and students.

Therefore, students who felt aggrieved in any way, must follow the right procedure by reporting to the appropriate quarters instead of resorting to violence.

Let me assure you that this administration operates an open door policy in order to enshrine effective two­way communication.

(F) Sports: We are known for our active participation in sporting activities. The institution encourages sports and we reward excellence both in cash and kind. Therefore, there are so many sporting activities throughout the year, during which the Rector and the Management team are physically present to encourage the participants.

Recently, we participated in the NIPOSGA where the institutions contingents hauled home a lot of medals. The institution is one of the breeding ground for sportsmen who have excelled and are excelling in sporting activities all over the world.

In the recent past, our students, participated in NIPOSGA and brought back laurels to the institution, for doing this, the institution reciprocated this with gifts, in cash and kind, to show that we encourage sporting activities.

(G) Student’s Welfare: It is pertinent at this juncture, to emphasize that we are committed to a responsive administration and welfare of both staff and students have always been paramount to us.

In the area of medicals, our centre is fully functional 24/7. The centre now have provision for laboratory tests and the pharmacy is filled with relevant drugs.

In addition, an ultra-modern Medical Centre, strategically located close to all students hostels has been completed and awaiting commissioning and ready for use, in order to bring medicare closer to the students.

Electricity -: Despite the fact that the power from the national grid is epileptic in nature, the polytechnic still manage to provide electricity supply on daily basis.

Transportation -: For ease of movement, our shuttle buses provide both intra and inter campus/city transportation at affordable cost. During examinations however, we provide free shuttle bus services from all locations within the town.

(H) E-Learning: The Polytechnic has, for the past few sessions, taken her students to another level by widening their horizon.

While students in some schools are encouraged to undergo compulsory CISCO professional training in order to be versatile in computer literacy and prepare them for digital life after graduation. The beauty of the CISCO training is that its examinations and certification are globally administered and monitored from outside the country to ensure that students who earn the international certification from here truly underwent the required training. Others, especially in the Schools of Engineering, Pure and Applied Sciences etc are enjoined to embrace the Robotic, Drone and Coding to sharpen their skills which can prevent you from being a perpetual white-collar-job seekers’

I am happy to let you know that majority of your predecessors have appreciated this gesture by taking the trainings seriously, you are equally adviced to follow suit.

(I) Library: The Polytechnic Library has up-to-date facilities with electronic library services. This has made the Polytechnic Library to attract greater patronage.

Our e-learning library is one of the best that any student can get. We operate to satisfy our students’. That means, we work late, especially during examinations.

We now have a library Annex building donated by distinguished Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Fca, (YAYI)

Expectedly, all students must be totally committed to their studies in order to come out in flying colors, and this I pray will be your portion.

(J) Polytechnic/Community Relationship: Let me say emphatically that, the institution has not been able to accommodate all her students on the campus. Thus, majority of you will stay off campus. Let me use this opportunity to call on all our students to always respect the culture, rules, regulations and norms of the host community.

You are therefore enjoined to strictly abide with these rules and regulations governing the community to avoid conflict or clashes.

Live peacefully with others by seeing them as your brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. By doing this, you would fully appreciate the culture of the community as well as having a balanced intellectual development as good citizens. You are hereby admonished not to break the age-long good relationship which has been created and sustained over the years between the Polytechnic and her ever hospitable host community (Ilaro).

(K) Registered Associations: For every hardworking student, there must be room for relaxation and fun. For this reason, the institution encourages social interactions among the students.

There are over seventy registered academic and social clubs/associations with the Directorate of Student Affairs of the institution. These are also listed in the student Handbook.

Every student is free to join any of these registered associations as membership of any unregistered/secret societies/ clubs attracts expulsion from the institution.

You are strictly advised to carefully investigate any social club you intend to join because membership of an unregistered club, either consciously or unconsciously, could be detrimental to your successful stay on the campus.

In the same vein, be counseled that peer groups or friends always go a long way in influencing your behaviours; therefore, watch the type of company you keep. Remember “Birds of the same feathers congregate in the same proximity”.

TO MY VALEDICTORY MATRICULANTS: My dear valedictory matriculating students, being my last borns, please note that the youthful age is the most interesting, vibrant, vigorous, versatile and active period in one’s life. It is the age of strength, in which knowledge is acquired and experience is gained.

It is, most importantly, the age that prepares one for middle age activities. Little wonder, it is referred to as the prime or spring of life! This is because, at this phase of human life, everything is working at the optimum level; it is at this stage of life that one is capable of doing so many things either good or bad that could either make or mar the future.

As students, you owe the society, especially Nigeria your country, some responsibilities. As patriotic citizens, you are the leaders of both today and tomorrow, it is high time you stop the blame game and begin to take responsibility for your lives, You should realize and accept that change, begins with you.

Please note that you are a customized design of God, created to solve specific problems.

Not matter the challenges you may be facing now, please do not be tempted to take to drug addiction and/or trafficking, substance abuse , cultism, stealing, armed robbery, examination malpractice, rape, prostitution, suicide and other vices that neither add value to you nor to the society.

This is why the Polytechnic, since inception has not only continued to discover that glory lies in her efforts at engaging in noble academic and professional activities, but she is also striving to set standards for others to emulate. In line with this resolve, the Polytechnic has from the 2015/2016 academic session gone fully digital in her admission and registration procedures.

Equally, processing of students results and managements of records have been integrated into the same platform. This presupposes that only duly and fully registered students can have their records processed and are actually students of this institution.

Let me emphasize that you must ensure that you are fully registered as students, otherwise you might (God forbid) just be spectators instead of students of the institution. Remember, only registered students are considered as legitimate students of any Institution.

We take no responsibility for any unregistered student who parades the campus and even attend lectures as our student. Be warned, whenever the bubble bursts, you will be held responsible for your actions or inactions.

APPRECIATION: To whom much is given, much is expected; it would therefore not be out of place to appreciate all our benefactors. We are eternally grateful to the Federal Government of Nigeria for giving us funds for our capital projects and other activities.

We are also grateful for the contributions of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETfund) and other funding bodies for playing major roles in the infrastructural development and human capacity building programmes of the Institution. To our supervisory bodies, the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and the Federal Ministry of Education, we are more than grateful.

We are also grateful to the Governing Council led by Dr. (Mrs.) Veronica Efetemere Ogbuagu for their love. To all individuals, our host community and corporate organizations, who have, in one way or the other contributed to the resounding success of this Polytechnic, I say thank you.

We appreciate and will continue to hold in high regards, our landlord, the Paramount Ruler of Yewa-Land and Olu of Ilaro, Oba Dr. Kehinde Gbadewole Olugbenle, mfr Asade Agunloye IV, for the donation of Block of Classrooms and Office to the Polytechnic and also our Distinguished Senator, Solomon Olamilekan Fca, Ffpi (AKA YAYI) for not only facilitating the donation of a Public Library Block to the Polytechnic, but for his continuous support for the polytechnic in all areas. The distinguished Senator and our latest FELLOW, we are not ungrateful sir!

To all other stakeholders, I wish to thank you all and we promise to reciprocate your kind gestures by aspiring to become better in everything we are presently good at and be the best in all that we are now better, so that we can continue to be a positive reference point amongst the comity of Polytechnics.

CONCLUSION: Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, matriculating students, I want to once again sincerely thank you, especially the chairman and Members of the Governing Council, my colleagues in the Management, the Academic Board, the in-house Unions, staff and students who have been committed to the ideals, vision and mission of the Polytechnic which have made us to deserve these kind of accolades that we are now getting.

I thank you all.