Entrepreneurship should focus more on self-discovery – Prof Edun urges govt to review policy

Entrepreneurship should focus more on self-discovery – Prof Edun urges govt to review policy

A professor of Sociology of Education and Head, Department of Educational Foundations and Counseling at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, has implored education policy makers to reposition entrepreneurship to focus more on self-discovery.

Professor Taiwo Edun while giving the 101st Inaugural Lecture of the School, titled, “Rethinking Education for Gainful Employment in Nigeria: A Sociological Imagination”, stated that the teaching of entrepreneurship should be reviewed across all levels of the education system.

It’s to focus more on self-discovery by the students to enable their talents match the opportunities they will catch on in the environment.

“The goal of entrepreneurship education at the University level should not be to turn graduates to artisans but to stimulate their creativity and innovative competence to generate fresh ideals and develop prototypes for artisans to duplicate”.

Prof Edun stated further that government should endeavor to make available the critical infrastructure, rejig fiscal and monetary policies, adding that they should steadily improve the ease of doing business to enable entrepreneurship to thrive.

He continued that self-discovery should be given the pride of place in the curriculum.

“The social investment schemes of the government should be expanded and graduated through proper funding and transparent management to guarantee livelihood for the majority of unemployed youths until such a time that the economy will open up enough to provide them with gainful employment which will help to stem insecurity in the country”.

The lecture which is the FIRST from the field of Educational Foundations also highlighted the coordinating factor for improved livelihood in Nigeria.

“My Vice-Chancellor sir, I hold the strong belief that Nigeria is better together because many of the largest and most complex federations in the world are also among the strongest and most prosperous countries.

However, such togetherness/unity should be by consensus and not by force.

“We are at a critical point in our history where the basis of our unity should be renegotiated to renew the commitment of mutual suspicion, indolence and mono economy which are antithetical to gainful employment.

“Huge resources that should have gone into education and development are being committed to endless wars against ourselves.

“Since no nation can fight against herself and win, government should set the machinery in motion to dialogue with all groups and address genuine concerns with a view to arriving at an equitable structure for the generation and distribution of resources as a necessary condition for building a peaceful and inclusive society”, Prof Taiwo Ẹdun submitted.

Earlier, he posited that Imagination supercedes knowledge, adding that Imagination unlike knowledge has no restraint.

Prof Ẹdun quoted Einstein by saying that Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.

“Einstein conceived of knowledge as a map that guides us while imagination is the territory where one can roam freely in order to find answers and opportunities.

“Imagination equips us to anticipate challenges, conceive and weigh alternatives as we navigate the world.

“Its an intrinsic energy that opens up a world of possibility before us. Imagination is the highest kite that can fly.

“The truth is that borrowed knowledge and models will only treat our symptoms,we need to free our minds by applying imaginative thought to cure our diseases.

I made bold to say that knowledge is something but imagination is everything. With knowledge, a people may not perish but without imagination, a people will not prosper.

“For this very reason, I beseech us all to add understanding to our knowledge and, to understanding, imagination”, the Don pleaded.

In the same vein, professor Edun suggested that name of education institutions should carry headword such that University of Agriculture will be written as University of Agricultural Education by simply following the rule of the English Grammar.

He illustrated by saying that School of Nursing is not to nurse the students admitted but to educate them on how to become professional nurses, e.g. “School of Nursing Education”.

“Edun (1999a) described education as an onion, a construction of layers, whose essence is not reducible to any kernel but lies in the unity of its envelopes.

In other words, education is the vine, all other academic discipline is the branches. The branch cannot bear fruits of itself except it abides in the vine”, the Don posited.

Dignitaries at the Inaugural Lecture includes HRM Oba Kehinde Olugbenle MFR, Asade Agunloye IV, Olu of Ilaro-Yewa, and Paramount Ruler of Yewaland,  HRM Oba AbdulRazaq Adesina Adenugba (Osemawe of Ago-Iwoye), Prof Ganiyu Olatunji Olatunde (OOU Vice- Chancellor), Olu-in-Council, Yewa ThinkTank, Elder Sola Adeyemi (Former HoS), Dr SAJ Ibikunle, Prof Musa Olomu (FMC, Abeokuta CMD), Nofiu Adebiyi (Former PS), Recreation Club, Ilaro-Yewa, The Dynamos Group of Nigeria, Amity Club of Nigeria, among notable personalities.