Diasporans for PDP propose 11-Point solution to underlined challengers

Diasporans for PDP propose 11-Point solution to underlined challengers
Diasporans for PDP, a U.S.-based non-governmental organization (Houston Texas), having itemised nine (9) factors that posed threat to a stress-free taking over of the country’s governance, proposed eleven (11) remedies as a way of repositioning the Party.

According to a Communique, e-signed by Honourable Mrs. Victoria Pamugo, Founder and National Chair and Dr. Chidi Igwe, National Publicity Secretary, resulted from the Civic Engagement, the 5th in the series, held on Saturday, March 25, 2023, virtually,  in form of a Town Hall meeting, what actually transpired was unveiled and the lesson to take to heart  was pointed out.

“The meeting brought together members of the organization from various countries as well as grassroot activists, members, and stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from all parts of Nigeria.

“The main theme, “What just happened? How did we get here? Solution!”, provided an opportunity for a public discussion of the February 25, 2023 presidential and national assembly elections as well as the March 18, 2023 governorship and state assembly elections in Nigeria.

“The town hall proceedings were organized in two different sessions. During the first session, discussions focused on the systemic failures in those elections that are detrimental to the Nigerian democracy. They covered the lessons to learn from PDP shortcomings and successes. Participants agreed that:

• Party leaders and elders put in the wrong candidates and gave positions to those they are able to control at the expense of the Party.
• Issues and grievances emanating from the party primaries were allowed to linger for too long and there was no effective reconciliation.
• There was a lack of discipline, accountability and transparency, and high-level of betrayal among Party leaders and members.
• There was an improper use of funds at all levels of the Party.
• There was a total disregard and lack of appreciation of the impact and the importance of support groups.
• There was mismanagement of logistics and funds for the mobilization of votes by stakeholders.
• There was a lack of proper preparation for the general elections by the Party, and critical arrangements were not made.
• Party agents were not mobilized and assigned properly and some uncommitted agents played against the Party by working for other parties for money.
• The Party disregarded its previously agreed upon zoning formula at all levels.

“The second session titled “Solution! Solution!! Solution!!!” focused on the way forward. Participants identified the following important steps:

• PDP needs to rebuild trust and cultivate stronger relationship with the grassroots through empowerment, voter education, and giving members a sense of belonging.
• There needs to be a thorough SWOT analysis of the Party from top to bottom and bottom to top. There must be a total overhaul, restoration of decorum, discipline, accountability, respect, sanity and civility in the Party.
• PDP must promote empowerment and involvement of women and youth in the activities and running of the activities of the Party. 35% of elective positions must be earmarked for women and youth and to be improved upon in the future.
• PDP must implement the Party’s Data Base registration.
• PDP should be able to take care of her financial obligations through properly documented, verifiable membership dues and contributions from members instead of building Party’s survival, progress and success around an individual or a few people. Only a complete display of accountability and transparency through regular and timely quarterly and annual financial reporting will rebuild and reposition the Party to raise more funds from its members and citizens.
• PDP must enforce the precepts of the Party’s Constitution without fear or favour.
• The Party is supreme and no member is bigger than the Party, and anti-party activities must never be condoned for any reason by Party leadership.
• PDP should jettison Delegate Primaries and adopt Direct Primaries. Direct primaries should be prioritized by the Party in the selection of candidates. This process shall restore trust and commitment in the leadership, as members build a stronger sense of ownership because they are being carried along.
• PDP Party leadership must put in motion a Reconciliatory Committees to reach out to aggrieved members at all levels.
• The Party leadership in our collective efforts to rebuild and reposition our Party should appreciate the power and influence of diaspora and the importance of involving them in the activities of the Party.
• The Party leadership through the National Youth Leader should come up with a plan to attract the youths we lost to other parties due to non-engagement and lack of opportunities.

“The forum resolved to hold more of the town halls in the months ahead to deliberate on more and more important issues that will help PDP to continue to be successful. The Civic Engagement Series is the flagship event of Diasporans for PDP dedicated to promoting current and future leaders of the People’s Democratic Party in Nigeria and in diaspora. The event brings leaders and the civic population together in town hall formats for exchange of ideas in ways that promote understanding of PDP’s agenda, platform and manifesto, among the voting population.

“Diasporans for PDP is a United States-based and registered non-governmental organization with membership including but not limited to Austria, Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States of America”.

Please visit the organization’s website regularly for news and updates regarding future events: https://diasporansforpdp.com.