Dende’s portrait alone can be life-transforming – Cleric

Dende’s portrait alone can be life-transforming – Cleric

At the commemoration of the PARENTS of Alhaji Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun (IBD), the guest speaker, Al-Imam Habeebullah Toliat (Imam Al-Khaleel Central Mosque, Ilaro) described the depth of Alhaji Egungbohun’s mentality of giving as that that uplifts the underprivileged.

Alhaji Ibrahim Dende EGUNGBOHUN

Illustrating, during the sermon held at the Egungbohun’s Compound, Ebute-Igbooro, Yewa North LGA, Ogun State, Friday, June 30, the Imam noted that  seeing just the photograph of Dende can be beneficial and life-changing compare to useless one-on-one meeting with many “promise-and-fail-wealthy-people in the community”.

“Seeing Dende’s portrait alone can be beneficial, life-changing and uplifting unlike meeting one-on-one with many wealthy people around who are known for ‘promise and fail’ syndrome”, the Cleric stated.

Al-Imam Habeebullah Toliat (Imam Al-Khaleel Centralentral Mosque)

The Imam also extolled great virtues of Alhaja (Mrs) ‘Lara Mariam Egungbohun (LRD) which he said have been enabling her to serve as catalyst for her husband who wouldn’t relent in being “our agent of succour in this part of the world.

Alhaja Mariam Egungbohun is such a great intermediary who would rather support her husband in proffering solutions to people’s financial challenges”, Alhaji Toliat stated.

Alhaja (Mrs) Omolara Mariam Egungbohun (LRD)

Admonishing the audience on the need to continue living a life of righteousness in the mode of Dende’s late parents, Alhaji Toliat paraphrased a portion of one of the Holy Books where prophet Muhammad (SAW) enumerated five groups of people who will enjoy the life-after with Him; every true Leader, any young man who have genuine fear of God, whoever prioritises going to the Mosque, any person who detests extra marital affairs, and anyone who practices “giving” in secret.

The Imam implored the gathering, as they were returning to their various destinations, to see giving as a form of worship, not only as a way of giving uplift to the downtrodden, but as one of the major criteria for gaining Divine acceptance.

In his vote of thanks, Fadilat Sheik Kamiludeen, the Chief Imam Ansarudeen Ebute-Igbooro, expressed his appreciation for the ingenuity of Alhaji Ibrahim Dende EGUNGBOHUN in giving helping hands to anyone who needs assistance, describing him as a deity who should be adored.

“Will it be too much of us to set aside a location where we can be given adoration to Dende because it appears he’s more of a deity in our midst whose financial interventions in our lives have no match”, the Chief Imam proposed.