Customs E-Auction: 16 guidelines for successful bidding

Customs E-Auction: 16 guidelines for successful bidding


Ensure you possess a valid Tax identification Number (TIN) from FIRS and an active email, also ensure that the TIN is validated on tax promax

Customs E-AuctionSign up at

FEES & PAYMENTS: Pay a non-refundable administrative fee of N1,000 via the platform’s channel

Each bid attracts a participation fee of N1,000

BIDDING DETAILS: Bid for a maximum of two items per window, with unlimited bids on those items.

Items are auctioned “as it is,” and requests for replacement or refund won’t be entertained.

TIME LINE: Portal opens Monday 15 of January 2024.

Auction dwell time is 6 hours. (Every Tuesday 12 noon – 6pm. Also payment of items won is to be made within 3 days and 7 days to remove the items from designated terminals after payment.

SHIPPING & CARGO: Overtime cargo incurs an additional 50% charge of the winning bid (25%) to shipping company and (25%) to terminal operations.

Winners claiming items must provide necessary documentation and identification.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Nigeria Customs Officers and owners of seized items are ineligible to participate

Winning bids must be validated at the Customs Area Controllers offices.

Prompt payment, 7.5% VAT and refundable container deposit (if applicable) are mandatory.

FURTHER GUIDELINES: Allottee transfers and sales carry buyer’s risk. No replacement or refunds for paid charges.

NOTE: Interested participants must carefully consider and abide by the terms of this e-auction.

ACT NOW! Seize the opportunity within the stipulated timelines and guidelines.

16. FOR ENQUIRIES: Visit our website or contact us via Email: or HELP DESK LINE +2347037891156.