Coconut Rice: How it differs from Jollof

Coconut Rice: How it differs from Jollof
Coconut Rice

Joyce Binitie Diva Chef posited that Coconut Rice is a special food known among the south-south part of Nigeria.

The Chef stated that it could be prepared by using dry matured Coconut fruit to prepare it.

“There is no addition of palm or Vegetable oil in it.

“The milk from the Coconut will definitely produce its own oil.

“Coconut rice is almost similar to jollof rice only that it has a different taste and aroma.

The ingredients used in its preparation is a bit different and the colour of Coconut rice is also different from that of jollof rice”.

Speaking further, Joyce Binitie Diva Chef outline ten ingredients:

(1) 2 round Coconut fruits (Very dry Coconuts)

(2) 3-4cups of rice

(3) Fresh or chilli pepper (blended)

(4) 2 spoons of crayfish (blended)

(5) 1 cup of green beans, carrot (optional).

(6) Ice, smoke or dry fish, chicken, goat meat or crayfish.

(7) 2 balls of onions

(8) 1 sachet of curry and thyme

(9) 3-4 cubes of seasoning

(10) Salt to taste

She continued by enumerated how the dish can be cooked.

“Parboil the rice, wash it and keep aside. Don’t allow the rice to become soft because you still need to cook it again with the coconut milk and ingredients.

“Break the coconut and remove it from its shell, grate it into tiny Particles with the use of grater and a bowl.

“After grating the coconut, you can either use 2 cups of warm water to mix it thoroughly until all the milk in it comes out from the chaff.

“Then use sieve with tiny holes to sieve the milk out into a different bowl. You can add the real coconut water to the milk you have filtered and pour it into a big pot.

“Season and cook your assorted meat till tender, grill or fry to taste and set aside with fish of choice.

“Add the stock into a sauce pan but don’t put the fish yet so that they won’t scatter and don’t allow the water to be too much since the rice has already been parboiled then add your rice.

“Add the crayfish, pepper, maggi (seasonings),

“Add your veggies if you so wish. Like I said it’s optional.

“You can serve with hot chilli/pepper sauce”.

Joyce Binitie Diva Chef explained how to prepare chilli sauce.

“Blend your  onion, habanero pepper, chilli pepper together but roughly/

“To a sauce pan, add any oil of choice and fry the blend.

Then, “add your seasoning to taste.