BTYS 4.0: Partake in politics, understand youths’s value, seek education, create opportunities for each other – Discussants urge Nigerian youths

BTYS 4.0: Partake in politics, understand youths’s value, seek education, create opportunities for each other – Discussants urge Nigerian youths

Rt Hon (Dr) Azeezat Yishawu, Mariam Laushi, Leo Da Silva and Engr Babajide Akeredolu; panelists at the fourth edition of Bola Tinubu Youth Summit charged youths across the country to come to terms with their values as youths in politics.

Yishawu noted that youths can’t become agent of change unless they are inside; to be committed to being politicans, adding that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has set an enviable example by being a politician who is just enough to rewards loyalty.

“Asiwaju is a man who is just to all and rewards loyalty.

His ability to accommodate people of varied diversity is second to none.

“I am scared about my generation and the generation to come. Power is not a la carte. Our mission should be to lead from the grassroots. Politics is local.

“Irrespective of your political party, we have the single mission. Your way is not the only way, we must learn to support one another”.

Rt Hon Azeezat Yishawu

On the need to be politically active, Mariam Laushi enjoined youths to realize and understand the value of youth.

“Our being politically active does not stop on social media. We should realize the value of youth. It starts now with our actions, saying Asiwaju is an icon of progress. He is a man of progress”.

Mariam Laushi

Mr. Leo Babarinde Akinola popularly known as Leo Da Silva emphasized the value of formal education in politics. Leo implored youths who are in government to work towards improving on the standard of education such that quality education could be accessible by underprivileged.

He lamented situations when many youths withdrawn from School at JSS 3 because they have to find what to eat, adding that UBE policy should be conscientiously applied.

“TInubu is a Kingmaker. It’s one thing to be a kingmaker, it is another thing to make useless kings.

Babatunde Raji Fashola is one of the kings made by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. BRF gave me scholarship by which I am who I am today.

“If Tinubu did not make BRF, he wouldn’t be in position at that time to offer me scholarship when my parents can’t pay my schools in the United Kingdom”.

Mr Leo Dasilva Babarinde Akinola

The fourth discussant, Engineer Babajide Akeredolu, the son of Ondo State Governor begged youths to put politics first, saying if  not played well, the present generation may not get it right.

“We should priotise politics. If we don’t play it well, this generation may not get it right in time. We should also be patriotic to be able to add value.

“The kind of doggedness and mentality exhibited by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is what all of us as youths need to turn around this country. We must learn to create opportunities for each other. Asiwaju is still relevant after many years out of office because he creates opportunities for people”.

Engr Babajide Akeredolu

Chief Kemi Nelson, Dayo Israel, and Seyi Tinubu in their separate speech submitted that Asiwaju Tinubu is a Jagaban of Time, saying that his type is rare.

They all equated Asiwaju Tinubu to heroes like Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe, Tafawa Balewa, calling on Nigerians, youths in particular to begin one on one campaign, so that Nigerians can vote in Asiwaju Tinubu as President comes 2023.