Before Segun Sowunmi plunges into the Deep Sea of Recklessness

Before Segun Sowunmi plunges into the Deep Sea of Recklessness

There is this old Yoruba folktale of the Tortoise who decided to embark on a journey. When it was asked the time it would return, it said, it was until it was humiliated and disgraced.

This folktale aptly captured the current vituperations of an Ogun State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant and an erstwhile spokesman of Alhaji Abubakar Atiku for President, Segun Sowunmi, who has elected to plunge himself into the deep sea of recklessness, with his current barefaced hubris and rabblerousing.

In a sane clime, a critic earns respect, recognition and fame, not by self-adulation or attention-seeking or blackmailing to eke out a living.

But it is a disturbing trend when a critic assumes he could embark on scathing attacks when he is skint, that he needed to scream himself hoarse to compel his ‘maga’ (prey) to cow him to submission. And this unsavoury development trails the current display of glacial insensitivity and shameless ambivalence of Segun Showunmi.

This isn’t surprising that, it has been his stock-in-trade, crying wolves when there is none.

He fires salvo on all tunnels, without a good ground for his strike.

What could have been the basis for his myopic and self-serving criticisms of the current administration in the state  where he seems not to have  seen anything good in the laudable projects and programmes?

In a bid to righteously stir the hornet’s nest , the current administration armed with its mission-statement predicated on the acronym, ISEYA, considered the PUSH and PULL FACTORS, resulting from its proximity to Lagos to drive the economy of the state. The Prince Dapo Abiodun-led administration came on board at a time when governance was almost brought to its knee.

This is a promise-keeping administration with unprecedented landmark achievements that are well recorded for posterity and, it has lived up to its billings, with the execution of 54 road projects across the three senatorial districts, especially 29 projects coming from Ogun Central where Segun Sowunmi hails from.

The commitment to road rehabilitation across the state with clear statistics shows the drive of the government to ensure that no section of the state is developed at the expense of others. Also, it is a proof that Governor Dapo Abiodun has built trust through good road networks across the state to enhance socio-economic growth and development.

As a non-tribal or non-religious leader that does not have vindictive disposition, Governor Abiodun sees the state as a family unit for even development with respect to committing himself to the principles of equity, justice and fair play.

By and large, the enviable achievements of the current administration in the various sectors are there for all fair-minded people to see; Talk of agriculture, education, health, affordable housing projects, job creation, road infrastructure, trade and investment, favourable and friendly business policies, amongst others. 

It is worrisome that, Sowunmi seems to be playing to the gallery or, so to say, failed to appraise himself with the “Report of the Contract Review Committee” chaired by Mr Adekunle Mokuolu, and submitted on September 8, 2020, where it clearly showed that the current administration would need a sum total of   ₦218 billion to complete all the abandoned projects spread across the three senatorial districts, resulting largely from the various contracts the immediate past administration of Senator Ibukunle Amosun (between 2011 and 2019) and partly, the administration of Otunba Gbenga Daniel (between 2009 and 2011) awarded.

Throughout 2020, Sowunmi appears not to be conscious of the bitter experience caused by the rampaging Covid 19 pandemic has rather lost sight of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic with its consequent implications on the economies of the entire world.

Manufacturing companies, businesses, trades, schools, worshipping centres and others had to shut down to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Within 28 months in office, the administration has made quantum leap in the provision of qualitative governance which has manifested in the ongoing completion of inherited but abandoned projects, initiation and execution of lofty, new projects and programmes.

One is tempted to ask where Sowunmi  studied his basic economics to counsel the state government on what governance entails?

As a son of Egbaland, has Segun Sowunmi driven round the state capital, Abeokuta, where he hails from to assess the level of damage his brother, Amosun, did to it?

If he has done that, has he seen a sizeable number of abandoned roads that dot different parts of the state capital which the immediate past administration initiated under the guise of giving a befitting status to Abeokuta?

Has he seen the interventions of the current administration towards the completion of these abandoned roads in the last 28 months?

Is he aware of hundreds of family homes, shops and structures that were pulled down in order to pave ways for road expansion and had to be abandoned mid-way?

Is Sowunmi aware that a good number of shop owners who were part of the ancillary of trade but subsequently turned roadside traders with umbrella on their heads also contribute to the growing economy of the state?

Is he also aware of the infractions on various initiated projects spread across different parts of the state by the immediate past administration?

Is he aware of other white elephant projects, like hospitals, Model schools, among others, that were abandoned but which bear no bearing to the economic benefits of the people?

Succinctly put, Sowunmi is subtly preaching divisive politics . He is economical with the truth and engaging in purposeless criticism.

He is only trying to play a game of invidious blackmail against a leader with transformative finesse who allows the milk of kindness to flow to his people.

Mr Femi Ezekiel wrote from Abeokuta, Ogun state capital