FPI 20th Convocation: 542 graduands get distinction, as FPI become Drone manufacturer

FPI 20th Convocation: 542 graduands get distinction, as FPI become Drone manufacturer

Architech Olusegun Olanrewaju Aluko, the Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, while addressing the media ahead of the two sessions Convocation; 2019/2020 and 2020/2021, disclosed that FPI has awarded Distinction grade to five hundred and forty-two (542) graduands.

Arc Aluko during the media chat held at the Mass Communication Department explained that the distinction graduands had earned the Grade through hard work, as the FPI has remained focus at producing people who “can create employment.

 “In 2019/2020, we have graduated a total number of 5,124 students comprising of 1,932 HND and 3,192 ND. Out of these we have 94 Distinctions at HND level, 706 Upper Credit, 924 students at Lower Credit and 138 students at Pass level.

“For the ND, we have 156 with Distinctions, 849 Upper Credit, 1,467 at Lower Credit and 720 at Pass level.

“In the 2020/2021, we will be graduating 5,234 students with 1,754 at HND level. Out of these, 140 had Distinction, 731 had Upper Credit, 790 had Lower Credit, and 93 at Pass Grade.

“For the ND, we are graduating 3,480 students. We have 152 at distinction level. We have 971 at Upper Credit, 1,605 at Lower Credit while we have 752 at Pass stage.

“We have the confidence that when they get to the field, they are going to make impact, because we didn’t only trained them in the field of study, we engage them in other areas that we know they will be able to create employment and become entrepreneur.

“Apart from the training we gave them at the Entrepreneur Centre, we equally gave them training on Robotics and other areas that itech is needed. We also trained them in the area of Agriculture because we know that a nation that can’t feed itself is a problem to itself”.

Also, Arc Aluko who will be stepping aside at the expiration of his second term in office as the Rector on 26th September, 2022, maintained that in the next few weeks, he would have succeeded in making FPI – the No. 1 Polytechnic in Nigeria – a “Drone and Coding Specialist”.

Flying Drone at the FPI UAB Centre

“Yes, the world will soon hear from us because of our Drone and UAB centre.

“We have mapped out what we call “Drone Corridor” – a vast area of land – solely for training on Drone Aviation.

The import is that the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, will be known all over the world for its specialization in “Drone and Coding Technology”.

“One of our Great Alumnus, Dr Tokunbo Ogunfemi brought in four Germans to do extensive ten days training for our staff on Drone Technology.

Dr Tokunbo Ogunfemi

“Presently, the Germans are busy training our staff in a project we called train the trainers. They are being trained to be able to train applicants.

“Fortunately, Drones are being used for virtually everything. It is becoming lucrative in the world. And I am very sure, apart from the Nigeria Airport Institute of Technology, there is no other institution that is running the course.

“We are expecting learners from any part of the world just like when you want to train Pilot. It is the number of hour you can fly; flying hours will determine when you will be certified.

I want to thank Dr Tokunbo Ogunfemi sincerely.

“He graduated here from SLT department and presently practicing in United Kingdom. At every Convocation, he would do something new for this institution”.

Earlier, Architech Aluko having listed his achievements, stated that his administration has tremendously improved the standard of FPI.

“Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, has come to stay. By the grace of God, we are proud to say that we have achieved our aim. Infact, staff strength have increased such that we have gotten additional forty-three (43) PhD holders.

“Today, FPI is number one in Nigeria, and number 70 in all higher institutions combined. This is to show that FPI is not a pushover”.

The teacher cum Architecture thanked his management staff for standing behind him in the last seven and half years ago.

He also commended the students of FPI for accepting the rules of the institution.

“I thank my students for abiding by the dress code and not join any unregistered society.

“For the media, my gratitude have no bounds”, FPI rector, Architech Aluko expressed.

Member of Management in the audience were Engr (Mrs) I.K. Ogunfayo the Deputy Rector and the Chairman, Ceremonies Committee, Mr Olusegun Ajibode (Bursar), Mrs Iyabo Amadu (Member of Governing Council representing Ministry of Education), Dr Mrs A.F. Osore (Registrar), Dr Mrs Oduntan (Open Distance e-learning), Mr Femi Bankole (PA to the Rector and Deputy Registrar), Dr John Bolu-Folayan (HOD Mass Communication), Dr (Mrs) C.B. Atulomah (Librarian), Mr Sola Abiala (Deputy Registrar Public Relations) and Dr Olúwaṣeun Abati of the Mass Communication Department.