24-Year-Old Tọba in alleged ritual killing of pregnant girl-friend.

24-Year-Old Tọba in alleged ritual killing of pregnant girl-friend.

A suspected ritual killer, about 24 years old, Tọba by name, has reportedly slaughtered her pregnant girl friend.

Toba was said to be a Cannabis merchant in Mowe town, Obafemi-Owode LGA of Ogun State, Southwest, Nigeria.

One of the eye witnesses in the neighborhood said Tọba had invited the girl to collect a phone he bought for her, but as soon as she arrived, Tọba told her to leave immediately but the girl would not go.

“It seemed that an argument ensued on the pregnancy issues, Tọba began petting her with broken bricks, until he decided, perhaps responded to his spiritual guide in the house with him, to slaughter her gruesomely by using tile to cut her throat.

As if it was a Nollywood movies, Toba removed his clothes, got a sponge and black soap, and started bathing while standing on the remains of his girlfriend”.

RazorTimes reports that it was at that point that the people in the neighborhood gathered themselves and got him arrested.

“Infact, when we arrested Toba, he was busy chanting incantations, commanding us to free him”.

RazorTimes gathered that the house was built in a thick forest premises which naturally should have deterred any morally standing girl from visiting.

Toba was said to have laid his house foundations and finished the construction and the interiors within three months.