2021 Igba Irumole Festival: Olu-Isese Worldwide lauds Abiodun’s Alternate Medicine Board, asks govt to declare public holiday

2021 Igba Irumole Festival: Olu-Isese Worldwide lauds Abiodun’s Alternate Medicine Board, asks govt to declare public holiday

Commencing the 2021 Ten-Day Traditional Festival in Abeokuta, Ogun State, an Ifa High Priest, Dr Adifagbola Balogun commended Gov Dapo Abiodun over his establishment of Alternate Medicine Board (OGAMB) by which the Governor has been coordinating a purposeful traditional belief.

The High Priest (Olu-Isese Worldwide) expressed his appreciation for the ingenuity of the Governor for looking beyond political gains but determined to make everybody relevant in the state.

“We are happy with the way government has supported traditions and cultural values. . . Moreso, we are grateful to the present administration in the state led by Prince Dapo Abiodun for providing the growing platform for traditional festivals across the state by putting in palce the Ogun State Alternate Medicine Board (OGAMB) to coordinate a purposeful traditional belief that will chat a positive way of utilizing the available potentials for wellness and well being of our people”.

Dr Balogun beseeched the governor to declare a day as public holiday for celebration of traditional and cultural values by which economic importance of African heritages among others could be maximally tapped.

“From this stand point, I want to say that it is imperative for Ogun State government to listen to the yearnings of Traditional believers and declared a public holiday to promote the valuable heritage. It is not possible to critically study the life of traditional African without paying attention to their festivals.

“Festival is woven with culture in the African traditional society, and it plays a very vital role in our ways of life, communication and event like marriage.

Sincerely speaking, governments at all levels have so much to gain from Cultural festivals if only they can throw more of their weight behind it and see it as new investment opportunities.

“In addition to the solidarity and unity that it promotes among the people from all walks of life, it also serve as an avenue for political maneuvering for would be leaders and a platform of enlightenment for the masses as well”, Adifagbola Balogun stated.

Earlier, Dr Balogun had enumerated the program lined up to mark the festival starting on Friday, 9th December to 17th December, 2021;

Day 1: Celebrations of Ògún and Èsù Deities

Day 2: Celebrations of Àtíngà Deity

Day 3: Celebrations of Tánràn

Day 4: Celebrations of Omolú Deity

Day 5: Celebrations of Ìgunnukó and Sàngó Deities

Day 6: Celebrations of Obàtálá Deity

Day 7: Celebrations of Iyemoja and Obalúayé Deities

Day 8: Celebrations of Ifá Òrúnmìlà, Egbé and Orí

Day 9: Grand Finale where a notable musician will cheers guests

Speaking further, Dr Balogun explained that his strong believe in the Yoruba festivals gave birth to Igba Irumole Festival which has become an annual event that started about 16 years ago at Oke Ija-Ofa, Gbagura, Abeokuta, Ogun State, and later flagged off in two other African countries of Ghana and Togo, then same year in Brazil and United States of America.

“Today, we are very grateful to Almighty God and with the proud support of Ooni of Ife, Kabiesi Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, the Isese Kingdom of Truth and Ologose Temple has been established in 8 countries of the world; Canada, Benin Republic, Indian, United Kingdom, Togo, Ghana.

“The Isese Kingdom of Truth is a self-sponsored organization without any foreign or government support. It was founded by the Olu-Isese Worldwide, Kabiesi Ifarotimi Adifagbola Balogun in the year 1990 with Atorise-Ologose Temple now developing into a Traditional Believers and worshipping first-gated Estate in the country at Idi-Ori Village, Adifagbola, Abeokuta”, Adifagbola cleared.